Sunday, November 02, 2008

Crime rewarded-Voter Fraud

Voter Fraud is one of those unique crimes in which the benefactor of the crime gets to keep the "booty." A fraudulent vote cast in an election is made valid as soon as it is cast. Only if caught prior to casting the vote is the vote not counted. Thus, if a large group of any candidates followers dedicate themselves to voter fraud, that candidate will benefit and get to keep the benefits of that crime. This is purported to have happened in the Kennedy/Nixon election in which Kennedy has been said to have actually won the presidency through voter fraud. This election McCain/Obama will very likely go down in history as the greatest voter fraud since Tamany Hall. This one, however, will be on a national level and the new president, whomever it is, will be rewarded by gaining the presidency through someone else's crimes. A curious crime indeed.

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