Friday, May 15, 2009

More borrowed, more blue

Like a bride, our government has now married itself to the industrial/financial world complete with exchange of symbolic rings. Even with a few first marital spats. For example, the spat oer bonuses, Chrysler not paying back the "loan," and much more to come. Now that the dowry of many trillions of dollars has been given, the "bride" has lost control of the marriage and the groom is off with the money and control of the relationship (ie: the government gave the money and the financial/industrial complex is in control). With Obama continuing the Bush policies seamlessly and even upping the ante such as in Afghanistan, the degradation of the American future continues. Sorry Obama, but smiling faces and sweet words don't make a new policy. Only a change we can trust (where did we hear that from?) will be change.

All that money in the hands of the citizens (where it came from anyway) would have rescued the American dream and future. Dividing up a few trillion dollars amongst all tax payers equally would have had the money moving quickly to industry and financial institutions in an appropriate manner. We the People would have "rescued" those worth saving and allowed the ones that need to fail to drop off the financial map. No committee is better equipped to know what is best for America than the American people. Bush forgot this and Obama has chosen to follow in George's footsteps, abandoning most of his campaign rhetoric. It is a mystery of the ages how people can believe one person knows better than the collective people of the state. No wonder there are so many dictatorships and when government fails the warlord system prevails. Obama needs to change the direction of the American government and trust in the people. We really do know best.