Sunday, December 09, 2012

Time Drive or How Aliens Power Their Vehicles

Time Drive or How Aliens Power Their Vehicles

I enjoy the "Aliens are Amongst Us" programs on TV and in other media. There is so much speculation on the method of power used for their "Unidentified Flying Objects" and the most common conclusion is that of a fusion/gravity drive. This is extremely unlikely. The drive must (I repeat must) be a Time Drive.

A Time Drive is the only method that explains the physical characteristics reported. First is the absence of a Sonic Boom that will be created when a physical object exceeds the speed of sound in the atmosphere. The many reports from witnesses of very high speed objects passing over at low altitude SILENTLY runs counter to the laws of physics. Gravity drive would not overcome this natural physical interaction with our world. Second, the extreme sharp turns and sudden bursts of speed counter the ability of any life form and all structural ability to continue without major disruption and crushing. Also, the number of sightings that appear both solid and then ghostly, suddenly disappearing indicates another violation of Physical Laws.

A Time Drive overcomes all these problems. With a Time Drive you are not in the same time synchronization and will not create physical interaction or possibly a minimal interaction with some photon reflection and/or refraction creating a radar-like image or at times a bright spot with little or no structural feature identifiable. The reports of "skipping" or rapid moving about thus would be from the refraction of electromagnetic fields in the variable atmosphere. With a Time Drive, the Alien ship could be traveling along at 20 or 30 kph but the time dislocation makes it appear to be traveling thousands of kilometers per hour. Such a ship could cruise along a Jumbo Jet with what to the Aliens appears to be a very slow speed looking at a Jumbo Jet which would seem to going even slower, nearly standing still. An Alien ship slowly moving along a river and observed by a couple might be as soundless as reported and might easily appear to move from very slow to extreme speed nearly instantly. That is because it is not instant in their Time frame. A sudden right turn at what appears to be 5000 kph that would cause extreme physical damage to both ship and occupants is actually done at low speed in a shifted time zone. Appearances are not always what they appear.

From here, once you have assimilated this idea, no other type of power drive can be considered. Now, we can consider whether this is a form of time travel or simply a power created by a time shift. Are Aliens (if they exist) from another time or are they from our time frame with a small shift to keep them safe and not quite as obvious as they would be if fully in our physical space/time frame?