Thursday, February 11, 2010

Intelligent Design extended

The human species has an unexpected obligation; to seed the Universe with Life. The Great Design begins to unfold (or is "given" by the "one" god) and it is that we humans are so special that we are the chosen species to spread Life universally. According to Michael Mautner, Research Professor of Chemistry at Virginia Commonwealth University, seeding the universe with life is not just an option, it’s our moral obligation. Actually, not an unreasonable extension of Religious Principles.

A very thought-provoking scenario and one that Science Fiction writers have firm but differing opinions expressed in their stories. The fear of NASA of "contaminating" another planet surely must be somehow antichrist (anti- any religion/religious symbolism) in origin since by extension of Intelligent Design theory, expanding god's "CHOSEN" throughout the Universe is not only our moral obligation, it is clearly the next step in Religious Progression.

As we all know (now), the Earth must cease to support life of any kind whatsoever in the future. Yes, it might be billions of years before that happens (more or less) but we are on a dead-end road riding to doom. How can we NOT fulfill the obligation of spreading our god-given awareness of god to the Universe. How sinful is it to ride the Earth to it's doom without passing on Life and with that Life, the great god(s) of life, goodness, love, and so on. I can well imagine the anger of god as (she,it,he,them,or us) suddenly becomes aware we are passively allowing all knowledge of god (she,it,he,them,or us) to simply pass away into the tombstone of a frozen lump of planet floundering around a dead star.

Well, I for one volunteer my dna for extraterrestrial seeding. I'd like NASA to send it to a nice warm climate to match the nice warm climate I'll probably find myself in postmortem. Start your church now before the rush and sign up for your area of seeding.