Saturday, October 04, 2008

Remaking America

What could be done with a trillion dollars? The creation of factories, refurbishing of existing factories, jobs, healthy economy, and much more. The government now "owns" the fannies and will run these institutions that own, at some level, most of the mortgages of homes in America. With such a level of Socialism, why not use the trillion dollars to "go to war" with our economy? Recall how America got out of the "Great" depression? We got into World War II. At great governmental expense we created factories, refurbished factories, built vehicles, ships, arms, and much more. We then took these highly expensive manufactured goods to far reaches of the world and destroyed most of them, abandoning the remainder to the countries they happened to be in at the end of the war. Instead of using a trillion dollars of magic money to enrich the banking and investment fat cats, why not use a trillion dollars to go to war with our own economy. We could use new factories, rebuild and bring up-to-date manufacturing facilities. We could then build some of our own appliances and goods. Why not build "liberty" ships or their equivalent again and start competing with world trade transportation again. Let the government own the factories, ships, or whatever and allow the workers to buy the factories, ships or whatever from the government. That way, everyone gains from the bottom up. People have jobs actually in America, actually producing items for sale to the world again. And, the money invested in vehicles, factories, roads, trains, and more is all inside America and all paid back to the government several times over through purchase of the factories, goods, ships, and so on and through taxes paid by the workers and sales of these same manufactured goods. That's how to get America back on it's feet with "magic" money. Throwing it at the Savings and Loan, Banks, and investment companies will not do anything except exacerbate the damage already done.

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