Friday, October 03, 2008

bailout costs for YOU!

The population of the United States at present is about 350 million. With a bailout cost of at least $700 billion, the cost PER PERSON is $2000.00. Got an extra $2000.00 you'd like to GIVE to the fat cats who wrecked the banking system? Not me! Want to contribute a few thousand to the sink hole of those who bought homes way above their means and now want to have US bail them out? Not me! Nor will the banks bail more than a few out with the money given to them by each person. For a family of four that's $8000.00 and I'll bet nearly all family of fours are watching their budgets carefully. Now, we are supposed to hand over a lot of money to keep fat cats fat. Will it pass the second time, now that the Senate has "sweetened the pot" with more money for pork and fat cats? Hope not. Time to stop bailing out the Savings and Loan and now Banks that deal with unfair methods and operate in such a way to make the rich richer. Stop the bailout.

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