Saturday, November 22, 2008

Trickle up-Not down

Trickle down bail out is a waste of "magic" money. It just disappears down the maul of high paid executive officers and into the back rooms of banks and not much gets to the consumers who will have to pay for the cost of this waste of printing by the Feds. If the Congress, in it's elected wisdom, had simply given every American $3000.00 the crisis would be over by now. That's about the same amount as the bail out of nearly a trillion dollars. Begin to imagine!

A family of two would have gotten $6000.00 and a family of 10 would have gotten $30,000.00. What would this money do? Hide in a mattress? Not a bit. All of that money would have quickly "trickled up" and been in the hands of the banks, the manufacturers, the car companies, and the stock market. Ok, so you're single and live alone and only get $3000.00. So, send it back and don't spend it or use it to pay your mortgage or car bill or buy a new washer/dryer. Sure you will.

I suppose it's too simple and effective an idea to occur to the complex-thinking elected representatives of our democratic republic police state. All these people who are representing the wishes and needs of the people could think of was to dump money into the hands of those who already have millions. That was stupid and we see the results. Give the money to the people and the economy will prosper. The rich already have enough and it no longer "trickles down" to the ordinary people. If we must have a bail out, bail out the people, not the fat cats.

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