Sunday, July 31, 2005

The nonviolent terrorist

Now it seems one of the London bombers is "not a violent person" and "only wanted to terrorize" and didn't want to kill. I don't know about you but nonviolence is not going to terrorize me very much. Perhaps he should have simply boycotted the public transportations system, carried a sign denouncing public transportation and advising that this was a terrorist act (carrying a sign) so please be terrorized and run screaming, Thank you.

Not much of a terror impact. Non-functional explosives simply cause delays and annoyances. Kind of like a gawkers block on the freeway caused by terrorists putting nude females out at random. Just angry commuters, not terrorized commuters.

If Islam wants to rule the world for Allah, terror is not the way. Nor is nonviolent terror. It would seem to me best to present a benevolent (not violent), kind, forgiving, teaching, and so on god if you want people to believe in and follow the precepts of the god you are putting forth for consideration. The jealous, "gonna getcha if you don't watch out," punishing god (such as Jehovah is represented in the bible and Allah is represented in the Koran), such an angry god simply will wind up with rebelious followers who will destroy the god and move on to another, less angry god. Come on Islam, show us a loving, kind, forgiving god that treats men and women equally. Bet you can't do it.

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