Saturday, June 04, 2005


It's big news if the Koran (Quran) is abused in any manner by any non-Muslim and back page news (now, since we've accepted this amazing situation) if a non-Muslim has their head cut off by a Muslim. It's big news if a few bad eggs in the U.N. peacekeeping troops rape or even have consential sex with the population and back page news of the genocide and rape of whole populations by Islamic groups, Sudan, for example. It's no news at all if Islamic states and countries have laws restricting Christian practice of religion but big news if a country (France for example) writes any law which restricts all religions and thereby restricts any public display of Islam. Such a list of out-of-balance situations could go on and on. Take a look at Africa and the, so-called, insurgents that are causing turmoil in, for example, Ivory Coast or Nigeria. These "rebels" or "insurgents" are Islamic, principally moving in from the north and taking over one country after another. Fifty years ago there were only about 5 African Islamic countries. Now there are nearly 20 all taken over by force and with Islamic, non-democratic (Sharia), law enforced. This has not even been news and where it has, the "insurgents" have rarely been identified as Islamic. What would the "balance" be if a Christian group moved into a predominately Islamic country and used the same techniques of violence and subjucation to first reduce the population to misery and despair and then to overthrow the government and set up a Christian Law country? Would that be supported by world news? Would that go "under the radar" as so much of the Islamic violence is right now? Would the world "wring its hands" in worry and do nothing much as in, for example, the Sudan? Give warnings about "trafficking in humans" as in, for example, Saudi Arabia and do nothing?

Now the real questions. Why is Islam on a collision course with the rest of the world? Why the continued confrontations rather than cooperation? Take a careful look at the laws of Saudi Arabia and do some thinking. What would the response of the Islamic world be if any western country wrote similar laws restricting all religions but Christian or if any African country wrote similar laws restricting all religions but animistic? Why is Islam spreading by violence? Why is Islam holding it's members hostage by violence? Why is Islam holding countries hostage by violence? Where is this going? What is the end result? Why is this allowed, even encouraged by the rest of the world? I don't understand. I can see the imbalance but the why escapes me (oh sure, World Domination. But that's so silly I can't accept it.). I don't understand why so few see the imbalance or if they do see the situation, decide to "not" see. What in the hell is going on?

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